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John Wright MansionI need your help. I was built between 1880-1882 for John Wright and his family. I was his dream house. Mr. Wright arrived on American shores at the age of 19 with nothing but the shirt on his back. He worked and saved for many years and was able to have me built when he was 54 years old. The Wright Family Loved me and always gathered here for family celebrations. The Wright descendants still gather and come to visit me every 5 years. 

I was placed on the National Register of Historic Homes in 1974. What an honor. I am very proud of my recognition due to my beautiful Victorian second empire detailing. I became part of Historic Lyme Village Museum, in 1978. I've had great fun over the past 30 years welcoming school children and many visitors from all over the world.


I am now 126 years old and am starting to really show my age. I need your help to keep me looking the best I can. The goal is to raise $50,000 to get some much needed work done. Please if you can help your donation will be tax deductible, make your check to: Historic Lyme Village with a note to Mansion Fund Drive in the memo line.

P.O. Box 342, Bellevue, OH 44811

Thank you for your help.